Info & Policies

Grading System: 

Standard- pins that are the best of the batch, but may contain minor flaws such as scratches, small/light marks, etc. 

Seconds- pins that have major flaws such as large areas of missing enamel, discolored enamel, under-filled enamel, over-filled enamel, major screen print misalignment, wobbly back posts, etc.

Processing Time: 1-7 days, but it may take longer on busy months 

Preorders: Preorders usually take 3-6 months. There will be no refunds on preorders until the 6th month or special circumstances. 

Order Issues:

Wrong items

  • Option 1: return for a full refund or return for the original to be sent (shipping cost will be reimbursed)   
  • Option 2: keep the pin (partial refund if the original costed more)  

(may change depending on the situation)

Missing items- let me know and it will be sent out as soon as possible

Lost mail-

  • lost in drop box (never scanned by USPS): let me know and it will be resent out as soon as possible
  • lost in transit (scanned by USPS): this is out of my control, please contact USPS for more help

Incorrect address- it can be changed before the shipping label is created  

Customs- I am not responsible for any custom fees international customers may have

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